What is a telehealth (televisit) appointment?

A telehealth appointment (televisit) uses audio and/or video technology to connect patients with their Eastern Shore Rural Health System, Inc. (ESRHS) medical or dental provider. These visits must be determined as clinically appropriate to be rendered virtually and do not require the physical presence of the patient unless medically necessary. When appropriate, ESRHS prefers to see patients physically in our center, but due to exceptional circumstances such as local guidelines (stay at home orders) and trying to reduce the chances of spreading respiratory illness, visits are being offered through telehealth.

Are televisits confidential?

ESRHS adheres to the same confidentiality as in person visits. Please be aware that you are responsible for confidentiality at your remote location (such as family members in your household hearing details of the visit).

Is there a special consent for televisits?

Yes. Participating in a televisit requires the patient to agree to the following: Patient consents to virtual visit in order to reduce chances of spreading respiratory illnesses at the health center and in order to provide convenient care. These visits are very much like health center visits but will be conducted virtually through audio and/or video. We will adhere to the same confidentiality as in person visits.

Is there a copay for my televisit?

Copays are now collected for televisits.

How does a telehealth appointment work?

After ESRHS determines a televisit is appropriate, an appointment will be scheduled with the date and time and method of connectivity. There may be circumstances that require changing the method of connection (for example if video is not clear or unobtainable the provider may ask to change to voice-only).

What tools and technology will I need for a televisit?

Computer, laptop, smart phone, or tablet
Your device must have a camera, microphone, and speaker. Please allow access when prompted on your device. Ear phones are optional but may improve sound quality
If you have an Apple product (iPhone, iPad, Mac Computer) your provider can connect to you with FaceTime – it is the quickest way to get connected. You will receive an incoming FaceTime video call from an ESRHS account such as “[email protected]
For computer and non-Apple phones or tablets, ESRHS prefers Doximity for televisits. You will be given a link verbally and/or through a text message, for your provider’s “waiting room” on Doximity.Please enter your full name on the welcome screen to ensure your provider knows you are ready to be seen.
What else can I do to ensure a successful televisit?

Connect to your televisit 15-minutes early.
Have your medications with you.
Charge your device
Close other programs running on your computer, laptop, smart phone, or tablet before connecting.
Be located in a quiet area (turn off other devices such as television/radio).
Be in a well lit space and make sure your face is visible.
Have a flashlight available (particularly for teledentistry visits).
Have any health monitoring devices you use with you (thermometer, glucometer, blood pressure cuff)