Medicare Annual Wellness Visits

As a patient who has Medicare part B insurance you are allowed one Welcome to Medicare Wellness Visit at no co-pay within the first year of having Medicare part B insurance. Every year after the initial visit, Medicare covers the cost of a follow up Wellness Visit at no co- pay to discuss preventive care.  You do not have to have received a Welcome to Medicare visit to be eligible for a follow-up Annual Medicare Wellness Visit.

During the Welcome to Medicare Visit and the Annual Wellness Visit, you and your primary healthcare team will review your medical and family history, list the specialists you see for your medical care, review your medications, and review recommended screenings that Medicare will cover with no-copay.  A preventive health plan will be established for you. The purpose is to keep you healthy and to identify any health problems early so they can be more easily managed by your provider.

Please contact your Community Health Center with questions or to schedule your Medicare Wellness Visit.

Onley Community Health Center: 757-787-7374

Atlantic Community Health Center: 757-824-5676

Chincoteague Island Community Health Center: 757-336-3682

Eastville Community Health Center: 757-331-1086