CBBT Toll Program

Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel Medical Toll Program

This program provides tickets to Eastern Shore residents traveling across the Bay for medical appointments based on income and family size. You don’t have to be a Rural Health patient to qualify. If you have Medicaid, contact the Health Department for your tickets – click here for contact information: http://www.vdh.virginia.gov/eastern-shore/contact-us/. For non-Medicaid patients, tickets are available at the Atlantic, Eastville, and Onley centers. For assistance Rural Health patients must call their center, if you are not a Rural Health patient call the center closest to you: Atlantic (757) 824-5676; Eastville (757) 331-1086; or Onley (757) 787-7374. Chincoteague patients should call the Atlantic center.

For general questions regarding the educational toll program or to determine eligibility for toll assistance, please contact Dena Lyons at (757) 789-1741 or [email protected]. https://es.vccs.edu/student-services/educational-toll-fund/

Click here for the medical tolls program application.