New Patients

Find a Primary Care Provider Who Can Best Care For You

What kind of provider do you need?

Family Medicine

Family medicine providers see all ages, from newborns to the elderly.  They are generalists who can treat a wide variety of conditions, and often can also teat ailments you’d normally see a specialist for, like sports injuries or some women’s health needs.


Geriatric providers specialize in caring for aging adults who often have complex medical issues. They focus particularly on keeping you functional and helping you maintain your quality of life.

Internal Medicine 

Internal medicine physicians typically treat adults and specialize in the prevention, diagnosis and management of disease and chronic conditions.


Pediatricians see children age 0 through 18 years.

Ask Friends and Family for Feedback

Many people feel most comfortable visiting a physician who is recommended by someone they know, like a family member, co-worker or friend.

Think About Logistics

Do you want a doctor located close to your home or office? Language is another important factor to check. Interpretation services in Spanish and Haitian Creole are available at all medical locations and a special phone service is available for those who speak other languages.